So you’ve got the coughing, the sneezing, the runny nose and the headache. What do you do? You come see us, of course. We are here to help ease your pain and help repair your immune system. Read below for ways we can assist.

Massage therapy

Massage for allergy relief? Yes! While massage cannot stop the allergic reaction, it can absolutely aid in modifying and dissipating your symptoms. “The health benefits that normally are associated with massage therapy such as stress reduction, improved circulation and improved immunity can improve your tolerance of allergy symptoms” ( continues by offering two specific ways massage can help: Reducing stress (which can make an allergic reaction worse) and releasing trigger points of tight muscles caused by allergies. More on this, below.

Stress and allergies

Many studies show that higher stress levels can impact allergy symptoms. This can be linked to higher levels of histamine, which can exasperate existing reactions. A study of asthmatic college students showed that, when under stress and exposed to allergens, they exhibited higher levels of sputum eosinophils, a white blood cell associated with allergic responses (

Trigger points and allergies

Another way massage can help is with trigger point therapy. This can help relax tension in the body and reduce the panic response associated with an allergic reaction. It also can soothe muscles tight from coughing and sneezing.


Your VAMT acupuncturist will ask you several questions to pinpoint why you are getting allergies. Remember, acupuncture treats the branches (the symptoms) and the root cause (the reason your body is producing an allergic response). You will answer questions like “Do your allergies happen in the spring, fall or winter more?” “What are your symptoms?” “Do you cough and sneeze a lot? Or do you get red, itchy eyes?” The answers to these questions will give your acupuncturist clues as to what organs are unbalanced and provide a road map for your treatments.


Common acupuncture points for allergies are as follows:
-UB 12
-UB 13
-GB 20
-Du 23
-Lu 7

Chinese herbal formulas

Yu Ping Feng San: Prevention is the word with this formula. Start taking before allergy season to build your immune system.
Xiao Qing Long Wan: This formula works well with symptoms like chest congestion with a cough that produces white mucus.
Bi Yan Pian: Great for painful sinuses that feel hot.

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Until next time!
Rachel Kristyniak, Licensed Acupuncturist 

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