So, by now you’ve read about how acupuncture can help treat your allergies. However, you’re still wondering how. I get it. It’s a confusing world, especially if this is all new to you!

And what better way to learn about a whole new world than with the internet? I’ve complied several articles, below, for this very reason. I hope this helps clarify any questions you many have. If not, leave a comment below! We would love to hear from you.

Quick, basic overview
This article gives you a very basic, short overview on Chinese medicine and allergies. For a quick snippet, read this one.

Roots and branches
Dives deep into TCM pathology and gives you the branch and root reasons for allergies. You will also get an idea of what points your acupuncturist will use to treat your specific allergy.

An in-depth, longer article, explaining the lungs from a TCM and western perspective. This article also touches on the TCM organs, five elements and the relationship between grief and the lung.

Seasons change Discusses root causes, explains why someone might be susceptible to fall allergies and not spring or vice versa.

Treatments and prevention
Why we have allergies, treatments and prevention.

Time magazine weights in
An interesting article, on acupuncture and allergies, that brings up the question-is Acupuncture a placebo effect? You decide.

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Until next time!
Rachel Kristyniak, Licensed Acupuncturist at VAMT

Rachel was born and raised in St.Paul, MN, where she currently lives with her husband, Chris and Shih Zhu, Stewie. She graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences in 2017 with her Masters in Chinese Medicine. Rachel found Chinese medicine on a journey to understand and tend to her own anxiety and depression and now has a passion for helping others who experience a similar reality. She enjoys treating a wide variety of conditions and welcomes anyone looking for care.

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