One of the first things I instinctively do when I have low back pain is to push on it…massage it. I used to grab anything: A corner, the edge of my couch, a tennis ball. Now, I use a Lacrosse ball which works wonders (ask me if interested). It feels GOOD to be pushed on. This is sometimes not the case-some people hurt more when their pain is poked at. However, for many, pressure is key. Why?

Think of your muscles like cold cookie dough you left in the fridge. When you take the dough out of the fridge, it’s cold, stiff and doesn’t want to move. The same goes for our muscles-when we don’t use them, they start to tense up and hurt. They aren’t getting proper oxygen, blood flow and energy they need to function correctly. The muscles may become so stiff and ball-like, they start pushing on nerves, like the sciatic nerve, and cause radiating pain AKA Sciatica.

Our massage therapists are highly trained in working out that cold cookie dough. They understand the needs and wants of your muscles and know right where to push to help elevate your pain and warm up the dough.

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